Conference 2017
Presenting Practicum track Monday, February 20, 2017

Upcoming conference already features some innovations in comparison to previous years. One of them was Call for Papers concept that we used for speakers/talks selection. It turned out to be a huge success, attracting almost 200 amazing proposals.

Initial enthusiasm and excitement for the number of proposals has soon become replaced by concern, knowing that such an ungrateful job of satisfying our single-track concept is ahead of us. Change of plan was badly needed, and for this year we decided to try to implement another innovation - a two-track concept.

In addition to the regular Majestic track, PHPSerbia Conference 2017 will offer a what we called a Practicum track. This track is going to be kinda thematic, delivering only practical talks, content that is in between a tutorial, workshop and a regular talk. It has a smaller capacity (~160 seats), but just enough to satisfy our plans for this year.

See you there!

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